Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is there Charis in Super Bowl Sunday?

Today across the United States and in a number of locals across the globe, people will be gathering together to watch two American football teams conduct what can only be described as a form of organized war.  With great anticipation they will watch their favorite team revolve through offensive and defensive manuveurs in ground and air attacks directed to the final moment that will bring home to one of the teams the final victory of the year.  Many of these observers will be gathered in small groups consuming food and drinks chanting on the thrilling moves of well known athletes. 

After the game has finished, the trophy has been given to the winner and the wrap up of the game highlights has subsided, the party goers will think back on all that has transpired over the season that led them to this point in their team's support.  This is common in practically any sporting event across the globe.  But the question remains: Is there charis in all of this celebration?

In a word, Yes.  The framework that the Greek society recognized the operation of charis in was most frequently evident around a communal feast.  In these events there was eating and drinking and the honoring of deeds and accomplishments from members in the community past and present.  The reciting of glorious victories, often as poems or in song, in this setting was the way of passing forward the history of the community to the next generation.  This honoring is charis. 

This day there will recollections of past Super Bowls and its heros.  Many of those past contestants will be present in the dialogues that will ensue and they will be asked to recall their most memorable moments.  In their testimony they will honor the work of fellow teammates and those that opposed them in their victories and losses.  This is charis.

Super Bowl Sunday is the most Charis day in all of America - at least until the next game starts.

Charis an Shalom to you


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